reJobs Publications
Renewable Energy Jobs & Access - Case studies (2012)
accompany the RE Jobs and Access report and provide insights from country / project experience on job creation, training, supply chain development and project financing.

Renewable Energy Jobs & Access (2012)
addresses the topic of job creation in the context of rural access to energy. With projects examples from the developing world, the study explores financing models and RE supply chain.

Renewable Energy Jobs Abstract Working Paper (2012)
This working paper analyses the job-creating potential of renewable energy. It describes the existing status and of jobs and skills across the different segment of renewable energy value chain and provides recommendations for policy frameworks to promote employment benefits from RE.

Renewable Energy and Jobs (2013)
This report presents a framework for estimating the employment impacts of RE deployment and investigates the required skills, education and training needed to support the RE sector while discussing the energy access and gender dimension of RE employment.

RE Jobs: Status, Prospects & Policies
This working paper discusses about the large-scale renewable electricity and biofuels for transport industries in terms of job creation. It presents estimates of the current number of jobs and the future capability along with policy frameworks to promote RE employment.