IRENA event on Environmental Impacts of Renewable Energy Technologies

Renewable energy generation represents one of the most promising options to lower greenhouse gas emissions while satisfying the increasing global demand for energy services. If implemented properly, renewable energy can contribute significantly to social and economic development, ensure energy access, secure energy supply, as well as reduce negative impacts on the environment and public health. IRENA’s mandate for promoting renewable energy is closely linked to the realisation of sustainable development. The role of renewables across the three pillars of sustainability is increasingly investigated by experts and the public alike as their deployment progresses. Understanding the potential environmental impacts will help better integrate renewable energy into the environment.

IRENA is conducting environmental impacts studies on renewable energy deployment throughout their life cycle and analysis of the current end-of-life policies for recycling solar PV panels. IRENA organized an event along the IRENA’s 5th Assembly (16th January 2015) which was the first event to showcase IRENA’s environmental studies and open the dialogue on the current environmental practices and future direction of the renewable energy industry. The discussions brought together representatives from the private sector, international organisations and NGOs to share their experiences on topics related to renewable energy and the environment.

Presentations from the event: