IRENA event on Renewable Energy in the Water, Energy and Food Nexus

Discussions on the development challenges posed by the water, energy and food nexus are gaining momentum and renewable energy is emerging as a key solution. Many renewable energy technologies can be less resource-intensive than current energy choices and have the potential to meet growing energy needs while enhancing long-term sustainability of both energy and non-energy sectors. These benefits further strengthen the business case for renewables, however qualitative and quantitative evidence remains relatively dispersed and limited.

As a first step towards bridging this knowledge gap, IRENA will launched its Renewable Energy in the Water, Energy and Food Nexus publication during ADSW. The study analyses the benefits, as well as risks, brought on by renewable energy in managing the nexus.

In an effort to disseminate the findings of the report (see presentation) and stimulate discussion on the topic, IRENA organised an event alongside IRENA’s 5th Assembly (16th January 2015) and at the World Future Energy Summit (21st January 2015). The panel discussions brought together representatives from the private sector, public institutions, and international organisations to share their experiences with deploying renewable energy to address challenges in the energy, water and food sectors. Synthesising experiences, speakers identified mechanisms through which an integrated approach for renewable energy deployment can be adopted in order to maximize benefits across the three sectors. Summary of the discussions can be viewed at the IRENA Newsroom.