The "Water-Energy-Food Nexus"

The “Water-Energy-Food nexus” is a High Impact Opportunity (HIO) within the SE4ALL initiative. The objective of the HIO is to contribute to the achievement of the SE4ALL objectives through the widespread adoption of the nexus approach to decision making such that the interlinkages between the different sectors are considered. The HIO is being co-led by BMZ/GIZ (Germany) and FAO.

IRENA hosted the first Partners Meeting of the HIO at its headquarters in Abu Dhabi on the 17th of January 2014. The meeting brought together key stakeholders within the initiative, including the World Bank, REEEP and OFID, to present nexus-related activities being undertaken and to identify potential areas for collaboration. IRENA is a Partner organisation in the HIO and is contributing through its work on analysing the role of renewable energy within the water, energy and food nexus.

The HIO was formally launched at the SE4ALL Forum in New York on the 4th of June 2014.