Launch of econValue at the Clean Energy Ministerial 5 (CEM5) in Seoul, Korea

The econValue project is a key initiative of the Clean Energy Ministerial Multilateral Solar and Wind Working Group that is led and coordinated by IRENA, in partnership with key organisations and research institutions, which aims to analyse the socio-economic benefits of large scale deployment of wind and solar energy. Taking up the results of first econValue report, this roundtable discussion focused on how governments can promote domestic growth and employment in line with the increasingly global nature of renewable energy sector’s supply chains. Participants in this session discussed how the impact of deployment and other policies on local manufacturing may be optimised, considering potential policy trade-offs. The debate also covered how policy design can best take into account an economy’s industrial structure.


Roundtable participants sought to identify and discuss ways in which national governments and the international community can promote sustainable growth and employment from renewable energy given the challenges faced today. The roundtable addressed governments’ policy options as well as measures for public and private stakeholders to maximize the economic value of deploying renewable energy technology and establishing a domestic renewable energy industry, considering the interdependencies with increasingly global supply chains and the ultimate aim of a climate-friendly and economically viable future energy supply .The foundation for this roundtable topic was the results of the econValue report, a project of the Multilateral Solar and Wind Working Group that was led and coordinated by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), which was launched at the Renewable Energy for Sustainable Growth and Employment Routable at the CEM5. The report of the roundtable discussion can be found here.