About REValue

As part of IRENA’s mandate to promote the widespread and increased adoption of renewable energy, REvalue was established to serve as a knowledge building platform designed to showcase various initiatives related to the impact assessment of renewable energy deployment on socio-economic variables as well as the role it can play in the Nexus between water, energy and food supply use.

Recent decades have seen an increase in the deployment of renewable energy sources as an essential element supporting the three pillars of sustainable development: social, economic and environmental. Increased income generation, energy access, industrial development and job creation have often been cited as potential benefits of deploying renewables. However, more in-depth analysis is needed to fill the knowledge gap in this field and define practical pathways forward. Moreover, the debate on the role of renewables across three pillars of sustainability is becoming increasingly common in many global discussions. This holistic thinking is also reflected in the Nexus paradigm that promotes consideration of the correlation between the use of land, water and energy by policy makers to highlight the broader benefits that renewable energy deployment can bring to ensuring long-term sustainability.

In this context, the REvalue platform presents the projects undertaken by IRENA that address these issues related to the socio-economic value of renewable energy. In 2013, these include the work done on:


  • jobs in renewable energy (reJobs);
  • the socio-economic value creation of large-scale solar and wind energy (econValue);
  • the outcomes of the Off-grid Renewable Energy Conference  that took place in 2012 (IOREC); and
  • the role of renewable energy in the water, energy and food Nexus (RE and the WEF Nexus).


The platform also presents IRENA’s partners in respective projects along with the publications they have published that are relevant to the topic.

REvalue also serves to publicize upcoming events related to the socio-economic value of renewable energy and to disseminate the findings of past workshops and conferences related to the topic.